An online analytical toxicity machine using bioluminescent technology to monitor water contamination.

Modern Water Microtox CTM

The Challenge

Modern Water approached GX to develop an online analytical toxicity instrument using bioluminescent technology to monitor water contamination.

The Solution

The design engineers at GX worked closely with Modern Water to design the Microtox® CTM. They developed it with low manufacturing costs to appeal to worldwide markets.

The instrument maintains a stable environment for a carefully selected bioluminescent culture and in a continuous process, mixes samples of bacteria and water, while monitoring the amount of light emitted by the bacteria as a measure of their health. The Microtox CTM is a standalone instrument which can be controlled and monitored via a colour touchscreen, or remotely via the internet, providing real-time warning of water contamination.

The Result

By harnessing llife sciences and combining it with practical design, Modern Water and GX have raised the bar in online water toxicity testing with the first truly continuous real-time instrument.