Award winning Medical and Surgical Products

At GX we work in partnership with the medical and pharmaceutical industries helping to develop award winning scientific instruments, diagnostic devices, hospital equipment as well as surgical and healthcare products. By harnessing science and combining this with practical design we have helped turn many brilliant ideas into commercial reality.

We have a multi disciplinary approach to medical product design for the medical sector since we are able to offer a host of services from industrial design, electronics, software to mechanical and prototyping; including specialist skills in microfluidics, optronics and RFID design. Since these skills are in house it allows us to seamlessly develop a product from concept through to final prototype quickly and efficiently, on time and on budget.

Through modern technological advances medical device design is now quicker than ever. We are able to machine parts directly to fit the final product, which has been invaluable for the value engineering work that we have undertaken in the medical sector. 

Medical Sectors

  • Medical teaching aids
  • Diagnostic devices
  • Hospital Equipment
  • Surgical aids
  • Gastroenterology