Design and manufacturing solutions for the Utilities Sector

Powering the nation be it by gas, electric or water is a feat of modern engineering. In our 30 years GX expertise has helped developed several support devices used by gas engineers.

Securing and maintaining the infrastructure that connects utility companies to the vital supplies is ongoing problem. Early detection is paramount to maintaining power; employing our knowledge of complex electronics and optronics we designed a small device capable of reporting if an underground water pipe had a missed connection. Similarly our knowledge of designing small hand held devices with a long battery life helped was important ensured that the vibration dosage meter that we developed not only could detect white gas but would remain charged during the engineers working day.

Our knowledge of developing functional products for the utility sector led us to as developing our own waste water monitoring and logging product and subsequently offering waste water management through GX Environmental. We are able to offer a complete design and implementation solution for waste water management, specifically designed to address key concerns such as unscheduled dumping or monitoring sludge efficiency. For further information on tailor making a system to manage your waste or clean water efficiently visit

Utilities sector

  • Gas Industry
  • Water Authorities