Interactive Automotive Product Design

For the past 10 years our inhouse skills in electronics and optronics have helped deliver innovative and complex designs and develop prototypes for the automotive industry. Working in collaboration with R&D departments we have helped shape the future of in car design.

Using pioneering technology we developed a Head Up Display that could be retro fitted to a vehicle projecting vital information into the drivers view. Another first was using low cost capacitive switches to develop a touch screen panel. We also found an innovative solution to allow drivers to be able to view the speedometer race as they accelerated on a touchscreen dashboard display.

As car enthusiasts ourselves we are all too familiar with fuel consumption and choosing the right fuel to ensure optimum performance for your car, be it a classic or modern sports car. This knowledge has helped us develop a range of industrial fuel filtration systems, whilst our love of classic cars led to one of our designs for a door panel being chosen for the iconic Morgan car.

Automotive Sectors

  • Automated control systems
  • Fuel Industry
  • In car entertainment
  • Car interiors