Robust Product Designs for the Security and Defence Industry

At GX we are well aware of the need for the utmost discretion when handling projects for clients involved in security and defence sector. Our problem solving approach has been instrumental in developing the optimal design for field communication equipment, complex electronics destined for use on aeroplanes as well as printing biometric ID cards and intruder alarms. 

At the start of each project we will assign design engineers with the necessary skills and expertise needed to develop a conceptual idea into a commercial reality. Since we work with such a wide range of sectors we are able to cross fertilise ideas and introduce new materials and technologies to projects to ensure the product design meets the exacting standards of this demanding sector.

Since we have inhouse expertise in key skills including optronics, electronics and software engineering, we can complete both our designs and prototypes on site, without needing to involve additional companies. 

Security and Defence Industry Sectors

  • Home security
  • ID Card printing